Circular Framed Planters Add Living Art to Your Walls

Circular Framed Planters Add Living Art to Your Walls

another clever use of a pallet

DIY Small Space Pallet Garden

Or A pallet garden for a space with no room. Great idea using pallets for a vertical garden. Again, I can imagine herbs!

BECKI OWENS- Styling Tip: Adding Greenery with Succulents

Styling Tip: Adding Greenery with SucculentsBECKI OWENS

Post hanged

nice Plaster Pusher: How to Color Plaster with This Secret Ingredient DIY Plaster Mini Planters - Paper and Stitch

almost natural, shoes

Use old boots for planters. Instead of throwing old work boots away they can be recycled, decorated and used as garden planters. Would save money and add interest to the garden. A great idea!


Or if you don't have a horse.well, you ride a reindeer! Photograph by Tim Walker for Vogue December 2011 In northern Mongolia, reindeer territory, Puje fearlessly explores the wild landscape.

trees clouds forest tropical tropical forest

Get closer to nature with my top 5 wild jungle destinations you should travel to. These retreats are full of wanderlust inspiration and will make your travel bucket list twice as wild. Click through to explore them!

how to make a terrarium

hoping to make some of these with my summer camp kids


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