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Do you think children choose to be retarded? They have to live a life of hurting. Those people who are retarded are beautiful and they'll have a VERY special place to go after they pass on

Real Friends

Real Friends & Fake Friends who do you Believe is your Real Friend or a Fake Friend! Remember, people who want to be in your Circle of Friendship, make sure they Real or Fake, decide before you get hurt again!


The Lion King one is true, but I really do cry because of Sirius's death, and Harry's reaction only makes me cry harder

Sounds delicious right now.

I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. - I hope to have a butterbeer when I go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, whenever that is.

Catalpa Street

"it is absurd to divide people into good and bad. people are either charming or tedious." Oscar Wilde quote Although I have found some people can be quite charming then quite tedious


I forgive, but never forget because I never want to be hurt the same way twice -Maegan Gunderson ~ God is Heart


The ocean was the best place, of course. It was a feeling of freedom like no other, and yet a feeling of communion with all the other places and creatures the water touched.