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Evelina Pipergia

Evelina Pipergia
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How to use the law of attraction to get an ex back. How to let go. More at www.thediaryofanempath.com. :)

We cant use the law of attraction to bring someone back if that someone doesnt want to come back. Another hard truth? Even if that someone DID want to come back, the law of attraction cant work until weve accepted where we are and h

Th worst feeling of life

Between a rock and a hard place. Father, help me, I am here. I feel like I should feel differently, but I don't, and I'm so confused by it all.

Perspective shift. --- : Yehuda Berg

Doing with purpose something bad to someone, remains evil, even if it might be dressed as giving lessons. You are not allowed to give the lessons. Life is allowed.