Evelina Lamprini Tzanelli

Evelina Lamprini Tzanelli

Evelina Lamprini Tzanelli
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Metalheads will know

I listen to bands like demon hunter, DEMON HUNTER is nothing satanic. They're about the spiritual battles.

Even though these are guys, this picture shows when I'm at my happiest too :)

[ Angel ] 27 ✝ Brooklyn, NYC cis ✝ pan ✝ queer ✝ able-bodied ✝ chinese-american goth ✝ lolita ✝ gyaru metalhead ✝ fashionista [ contains nsfw content.

Happened yesterday when I saw a dude wearing Slayer.

Walked past a hot guy in a Pantera shirt when i was wearing a Black Veil Brides shirt one day. We looked each other up and down and gave a quick nod and smile.