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Easter candle

Easter candle

Palm Sunday, Candles, Candle Sticks, Candy, Lights, Candle

More traditional Greek Easter candles.inspiration for making similsr decorated candles for Easter as a DIY mini-project

A personal favourite from my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/504126664/handcrafted-greek-orthodox-easter

Anchor Orthodox Easter Candle 17 inches Decorated with tulle, twine, and wooden anchor

Pink Bunny Easter Candle, $20.00 at Greek Wedding Shop ~ http://www.greekweddingshop.com

Greek Easter candle for girls pale pink four by AkatosCollectibles, $16.50

Λαμπάδα αλογάκι σιέλ με κουτί

Lollipop Greek Easter Candle Lambada by KoulEvents on Etsy