Εύη Ανδριώτη.

Εύη Ανδριώτη.

Εύη Ανδριώτη.
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Pll spoilers @25jmc

Pll spoilers im not sure if this happens but there are lots of spoilers saying that A dies and Alison kills many people, so maybe there putting two pieces together


Pretty Little Liars Bruhhhh.he didnt get shot in the head 😂, he was shot in the stomach! 🙄 get ur facts straight! Plus, if he was shot in the head he would have died from the bullet hitting his brain!

ijs... truth

Yes you did but just had to f*ck up. He regrets it to this day and mine was 20 years ago. He's marrying wife today Penny Hollick, Author My Naked Face