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Εύη Ανδριώτη.

Εύη Ανδριώτη.
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Pll spoilers @25jmc

Pll spoilers im not sure if this happens but there are lots of spoilers saying that A dies and Alison kills many people, so maybe there putting two pieces together


Pretty Little Liars Bruhhhh.he didnt get shot in the head 😂, he was shot in the stomach! 🙄 get ur facts straight! Plus, if he was shot in the head he would have died from the bullet hitting his brain!

Image via We Heart It https://weheartit.com/entry/155091909/via/22977307 #spoilers #pll #alisondilaurentis #pllspoilers

When is this fact from. I need 2 refresh myself on pll facts but I feel like she could be but I also feel like not