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I did this last year with the kids...we put grass seeds and watched it grow through Lent season. Cute project. Also, was a nice centerpiece on our table.

Plant grass seeds and watch them grow through Lent season. Good project with children; nice centerpiece for your Easter table.

Resurrection Garden; How To Make One Fast, Cheap, And Easy!

Confession: I have been drooling over pictures of resurrection gardens online for years now! Planting the grass seed and t

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Yeshua our passover lamb, a male lamb of the first year without blemish (Exodus was put in the heart of the earth on Passover for three days and three nights as Yonah was in the belly of the big fish.

How To Make, Use and Properly Dispose Your Feng Shui Salt Water Cure: The Use of Your Salt Water Cure

Make your own feng shui salt water cure with our easy step by step instructions. Find out where to place it for good feng shui and when or how to discard it.: The Use of Your Salt Water Cure