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Long hair? No more worries over styling! Here are 7 amazing hairstyles for girls with long hair.
I'll need this when I start csus in the fall lol or maybe now lol a few easy hair styles that are super cute!
5 Fantastic New Dance Hairstyles: Long Hair Styles for Prom
Brown with highlights
Whether you (or your daughter) are self-conscious of your ears like I am, these easy tutorials are just what you need to teach yourself how to look glamorous this summer!
Powerful story of the couple whose Supreme Court case overturned ban on inter-racial marriage. But the fight for marriage equality continues: http://www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/issues/lgbt-rights/marriage-equality
precious moments
An adorable vintage lithograph by Maud Tausey Fangel, c 1940s-1950s of a little baby holding its foot with its tongue sticking out!!
Strolling along the pier.... by Sheree Valentine Daines.