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10 Auteurs and the Typefaces They Love

Sofia Coppola | The young Coppola is as attentive to her typeface as she is to the atmospherically driven existential intensity of her filmmaking. Although the typography varies across her films, the inspiration seems consistent. Her choice of Kabel for Lost in Translation has become the most quintessential to her sleepy aesthetic. The font was borrowed from her soundtrack collaborator, the elusive Kevin Shields, who used the font on two My Bloody Valentine albums. Coppola’s similar choice…


10 Auteurs and the Typefaces They Love

Perhaps the most notable font favored by Bergman and used with relative frequency in his films is Windsor


10 Auteurs and the Typefaces They Love

Stanley | Saul Bass was also commissioned to produce the artwork for some of Kubrick’s films, such as The Shining. But Kubrick is perhaps better remembered by typography enthusiasts for his affinity for sans serif type, especially his favorite, Futura, which he used most notably in Eyes Wide Shut and 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Breathe Me -- Sia (Six Feet Under Finale)


Lost in Translation - Ending scene - Music:Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain - Great example of music perfectly complimenting the end of a movie.


A Sofia Coppola Film - Lost in Translation (2003) Music: My Bloody Valentine "Sometimes"


Azuma Makoto - GuiMartinez

Excellent Collection of Hand Lettering and Typography - Typography Inspiration


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