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nice artwork

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Πρόσεχε τα ξόρκια σου! Ποτέ δεν ξέρεις ποιον μπορεί να ξυπνήσουν… «Τα Χρονικά των Κέιν» είναι η νέα σειρά φαντασίας του Ρικ Ρίορνταν, η οποία βασίζεται στην αιγυπτιακή μυθολογία. Εδώ θα παρακολουθήσουμε τον Κάρτερ και τη Σέιντι Κέιν καθώς επιχειρούν να ανακαλύψουν την αλήθεια σχετικά με την οικογένειά τους

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Osiris ESNS by GCMM More

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Sekhmet is much older than Ra. It is told that she “came to Egypt from a place unknown and a time unrecorded” (Masters) as shown by some of her titles: Lady of the Place at the Beginning of Time, One Who Was Before the Gods Were, Mother of All the Gods. The name Sekhmet comes from Sekhem,which means strong, mighty, powerful, and violent. She is a solar goddess, directly related to the creative and destructive powers of the sun. Illustration by DARLENE.

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Be open to and surrender to the new vibration of Paradise on Earth emerging from you and all around you... ♥♥

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"OLORUN: Yoruba Orisha" by International photographer James C. Lewis

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Image | Ourania, Goddess of the Moon

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Egyptian goddess of war and warriors, Sekhmet, a sort of a holy warrior that is under the blessings of the goddess.

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Osiris - his skin is blue, the color of the dead; black, the color of the fertile earth; or green, representing resurrection

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Design Toscano Sekhmet Goddess of the Egyptian Realm Figurine

Sekhmet Goddess of the Egyptian Realm Figurine

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