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Free yourself from your own 'prison'....unchain yourself from the crowd.

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Mommy, What Was It Like To Live Among The Trees?

children are drawing the shape of a tree out of the stumps of trees. This picture is saying, the children in future generations won't understand what is was when trees were in the world because, we are destroying them and chopping them down. The type of satire being used id juvenile

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When Bees Are Most Likely To Sting: Honeybee Colonies and Their Moods

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Innovation that Infiltrates: 21st Street Recognized for Pioneering Sustainability

All new development should be required to develop rain water management.

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80+ Amazing Guerrilla Street Art Inspiration Examples

stop war More

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Πώς η Yellen... επηρεάζει τη βιωσιμότητα του ελληνικού χρέους

12 Steps to Breeding Mealworms for Chicken Food

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A Vivid Reminder That Technology Can Enslave Us All

Artist: Boligan " Addicted " Too real

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OMG, I would love to see this in person! :)

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Peace Bang Canvas Print

(n) 1. An act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast. 2. The state of being close together or side by side.

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