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Down the hatch.

You are digging in your backyard to make a small garden when you uncover a hatch lid. You open it and shine your flashlight down...

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Halloween - Writing Fun ~ Write your own story using our writing prompts. We give you five words on our printout sheet and you create a story. First Grade - Second Grade - Third Grade. Get your pens ready & let the fun begin!

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Words long forgotten.

writing prompt

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Four boxes.

You wake up in the woods with three others...

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Unfamiliar voice.

Visit the post for more.

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While spending time with a friend, you notice that they are wearing body armor beneath their clothes.

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Writing Prompt -- The city was strung between the trees and the people walked on bridges made of branches.

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Or they had you without taking the test and the government takes the children that were born outside of the test. And you learn your parents escaped the system and live in a bordering country-they are married

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