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Cheesy Spinach Dip

Cheesy Spinach and Bacon Dip - one of the easiest and most delicious dips you'll ever make! All it takes is cream cheese, Velveeta, spinach, diced tomatoes, and bacon!!

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Green Bean and Mushroom Braised Chicken

Green Bean and Mushroom Braised Chicken is an easy one pot dinner that's perfect for any time of the week. Get everything you need in one pot!

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Tired puffin giving a big yawn. Skomer island, Wales.

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Just before sunrise the river Maas was still and looked like mirror. I loved the light and the reflections!

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The Sun sets down after the "peaks" of the Muddy Volcanoes. The silence is absolute, not even a bird in the air, but, during the day, the wind squeezed the fluffy snow into the ravines carved by water.

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Miss Maybel Photo by Alessa Anderson — National Geographic Your Shot

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f2be60851ce9986cd6a1b02bcf11ef5e.jpg 1,200×11,656 pixels

f2be60851ce9986cd6a1b02bcf11ef5e.jpg 1,200×11,656 pixels

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Barn Owl, H 90cm X W 31 cm, / Acrylic on board, 2011 / One of 24 original artworks on show at my So…

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