Wenn du keine nahe zu lest dann will ich wenigstens mein Kopf an legen und mich fallen lassen

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Naho and Kakeru "Orange" by Takano Ichigo << I swear if they make this into an anime when there are more chapters I will probably sob my heart out like I did with Anohana </3

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Kaito & Aoko~ I just had to repin it, it's too cute

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I love all of those but the one I love most is the bottom right .

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Clown by *alexielart on deviantART

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(Open Rp someone be him) I walked down the hall and saw the popular girl kissing him. I felt a wave of jealousy go over me and I didn't understand why. He hated me and loved to annoy me. He even said so himself. I knew I liked him and I always denied it. I look down and continue to walk. Later that day I feel someone grab my wrist. I turn to see him. I struggle to get out of his grip but can't. "We need to talk" he said. He's never looked so serious before.....

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Anime Pose Reference Blog: 04/04/10

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