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"Nada es para siempre. El café se enfría, la gente se va, el tiempo pasa y las per son cambian".

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El mundo cambia con tu ejemplo, no con tu opinión.

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Lo pasado ha huido, lo que esperas está ausente, pero el present es tuyo. Spanish quotes and dichos.

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"Everything happens for a reason, but if something doesn't happen, it is also for a reason" LOVE THIS QUOTE!!!! It's so true... Please note this is my interpretation of the txt and my Spanish skills are quite rusty.

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this reminds me of a girl i met,I said there's a beautiful song w your name in it she said "OH I know! Que Sarah Que Sarah!" uh no hon, that song doesn't actually say your name. hahaha!

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Translation: when life gives you lemons, order some salt and tequila!

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¡Decídete! "You can't? Or you don't want to?"

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