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Freedive - Stay Underwater Without Tanks

There’s a gap in equipment between SCUBA diving and snorkelling. Freedive bridges that gap. With Freedive people can dive to six meters and stay there for over an hour without surfacing. No need for cumbersome SCUBA gear, special training, or to be tethered to a boat. A person using Freedive just carries one bucket-sized unit into the water; uncoils and attaches the hose to the full-face mask, puts on the mask, turns on the compressor and jumps in. The compressor unit floats on the surface…

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The H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkeling Mask – An advanced Snorkeling Experience…

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Meditating is so much simpler when all you can hear are bubbles. So, so true...

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Easy and free shallow water diving with AirBuddy. AirBuddy is an electric, surface supplied diving equipment. Also known as hookah or SSBA. Unlike SCUBA, AirBuddy does not require any air tanks and other bulky gear such as BCD (buoyancy control device).

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Scuba Diving Regulator & Pressure Gauge T-Shirt

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Captures the feeling

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U.S.Navy Diving Helmet MKV Blueprint via SeaJunk *Nautical, Matey! They have many more blueprints… of ships and equipment and lighthouses and more*

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ΓΝΩΜΗ ΚΙΛΚΙΣ ΠΑΙΟΝΙΑΣ: Θεοφάνεια 2017: Που θα γίνει η κατάδυση του Τιμίου...

Underwater caves in Mexico--- I've already done this. Not sure I'll ever do it again... pretty scary stuff.

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Scuba diving necklace. This is such a cute necklace. I would love this as an anniversary gift! Even has green for May!

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