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Lake Malawi Cichlids More

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Discus (symphysodon) is a genus of cichlids native to the Amazon River basin. Due to their distinctive shape and bright colors, discus are popular as freshwater aquarium fish. They are sometimes referred to as pompadour fish.

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Aulonocara SP. (Hybrid) OB Peacock Cichlid I have a bisque fired pair of fish (cichlids) on coral that I would like to paint resembling these colorful real life cichlids.

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Double Full Red Cockatoo Cichlid Cristed Dwarf Cichlid Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid Big Mouth Apistogramma Information Apistogramma Cacatuoides for sale and where to buy - AquaticMag (5)

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green terror cichlid (These are my favorite. They're so colorful.)

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Long Fin Blue Ram Dwarf Cichlid. Microgeophagus ramirezi (Long Fin) - The ram ci

People wonder why I love fishtanks, uhhm hello?? Have you seen aquatic life?!?

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.Never met a fish I didn't like! She is beautiful!

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Aulonocara SP. (Hybrid) OB Peacock Cichlid Sunshine Peacock Cichlid | Lake Malawi

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Metriaclima Zebra Maisoni Hane

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