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until finals when now not only are you looking at ton of work, you now also have to study material you don't know cuz you didn't go to class... yeah my life right now...

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Fun statistics for adults!

Statistics for adults who've graduated college. Times have changed.

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24 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Going To College

That's the only reason I'm glad college is over..i hated being dirt poor lol

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Oh hey I'm pre-pharm and I have no life besides Chem and Bio.

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college problems... the APU campus is small but seems like a vortex when it comes to this

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College Problem #911: I think everyone has that ONE class they'd love to drop, but can't :/

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I have officially decided that the staircase in james to the newsroom is my replacement for the stairstepper at the gym...

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The Best Of The 'Schrute Facts' Meme

grad school problems - Google Search

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Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Not just a teen post kiddos! This is creepy to everyone, lol.

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Things Teens do and Quotes from different stuffies. We post everything you can…

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