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Its not that I'm lonely, its that my days are pretty exhausting and I wish you here with me to hold me when I come home..

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That's really enough. That's really all I need. I'll tell you when it's time, but right now, just hold me <3

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I'd do anything to cuddle up to you lay my head on your chest and fall a sleep while you hold me right now

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Books and Bondage

Please don't let go I don't think I will survive.

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~Exactly!!! We men need this too, its not all about the sex. Holding you makes me feel apart of you, I am trusted by you to hold you, to keep you safe, to breath with you, to feel your soul in my soul, to comfort someone is to be comforted. Our souls talk to each other when we hold each other, it keeps the fire going and the bonds between us strong.

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Even from a distance, I know you need to be safe in my arms Baby. I need it too!! This storm will pass...just gonna take some time. I Love YOU even more!!! I wish you were in my arms now!! I made it safe & sound. I hope you are safe too!! I really miss YOU!!!!!***

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31 Secrets of People Who Live With Anxiety

My mind is my enemy, so i need you on my side. sometimes i even need you to fight alongside me.

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Omg. So true. My Dom holds me ...and nothing else in this world even matters ... Time stands still ... Our hearts and souls connected ...and we are the same body ... And to hear her say she feels so complete ..and exactly the same way.. Means everything to me !!!

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If I tell you I need you, its because I really truly trust you.. Im letting you…

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And that's all he ever wanted... Until then, I'll keep imagining how amazing it would feel to hold you in my arms. To look soulfully into your eyes and tell you how I've longed to be with you; to say, I love you... K♏

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