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Το λεξικό των εφήβων -Τι σημαίνουν οι…κωδικοποιημένες λέξες που χρησιμοποιούν [λίστα]


ΣΗΜΑΝΤΙΚΟ ΓΙΑ ΓΟΝΕΙΣ !! Το λεξικό των εφήβων -Τι σημαίνουν οι... κωδικοποιημένες λέξεις που χρησιμοποιούν;

10 τρόποι για να μεγαλώσετε ένα ανεξάρτητο παιδί


Parenting Wrong in the Best Interests of the Kids

Some of the greatest moms and dads I know are also some of the worst parents I've ever seen. The worst offenders of that greatest bunch are the divorced moms and dads, because while they're trying so hard to be the better-liked parent, what's really "in the best interests of the kids," actually isn't. fb, T

Οι 11 κανόνες των ορίων


66 Positive Things You Should Be Saying to Your Child

Whether you want to tell them how great they were at their soccer game, or how much you love spending time with them, here are 66 positive and encouraging things to say to your child on a daily basis.


10 Amazing Benefits from Playing Chess with Your Children

10 Amazing Benefits of Playing Chess with Your Kids. Have you ever thought about playing chess with your kids? It's great fun AND it's great for those little brains as well.


103 ερωτήσεις για να συνδεθούμε με τα παιδιά μας περισσότερο

103 ερωτήσεις που μας βοηθούν να ξεκινήσουμε έναν ουσιαστικό διάλογο με τα παιδιά, να συνδεθούμε μαζί τους και να τα καταλάβουμε καλύτερα.


Negative childhood experiences can set our brains to constantly feel danger and fear says psychiatrist and traumatic stress expert Bessel van der Kolk. He