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It's more like they couldn't pronounce their name so they became " La Guera esa" or "La China esa"

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Mexican Problem #9060 - Mexican Problems - weird my mom does that to me all t he time!

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Mexicans Be Like #9486 - Mexican Problems

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Mexican Problem #4502 - Mexican Problems

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Mexican problems at least its good

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I know and if you haven't tried one then you haven't lived

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More like Hispanic dads problems. This is exactly what it is like having Hispanic parents

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Been there. I have learned as I got older to always pronounce it correctly! It's my name I'm proud of my roots, I have no problem spelling it as soon as I've said it. HE-MEN-ES, with a 'J'- Jimenez.

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Lol So True cx My Grandma Be Like Oh Yeah Your Cousins From Mexico. Im Like Wtf? How Many Do I Have??

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Things Mexicans Do People Find Weird #8: Drawing a complete blank when someone asks to make a family tree or name all the cousins. It would be impossible to get all the primos down on paper. Plus, new family members emerge out of the woodwork at every quince, wedding or family reunion.

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