Appalachian Trail Map - site full of information about the trail, from volunteer info to leaving no trace guidelines.  Definitely a bucket list item!
The Appalachian Trail is 2,185 miles long and YES people do hike the entire thing.

I Hiked All 2,185 Miles of the Appalachian Trail

Deciding to hike the AT causes excitement, joy, and maybe even a bit of anxiety. If the thought of summiting Katahdin brings you to tears, you might just have what it takes to complete those 2,185....

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A great budget to helping you prepare for a fun & safe hike thru the Appalachian Trail.
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10 Things You Need to Hike the Appalachian Trail. (Great info even if you're not doing that one!)

10 Things You Need to Hike the Appalachian Trail- Infographic

Before sending yourself mail drops on the Appalachian Trail, read this post. We outline the towns that offer expensive and/or limited resupply options.
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