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Wax extractor by David Heaf

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Five Ways to Grow Edibles Vertically; 1. Create a salad tower. 2. Grow in a pallet. 3. Plastic bottle tower. 4. Trellis. 5. Hanging pots

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Permaculture design - Google Search

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LIVE SUSTAINABLY - ζήσε βιώσιμα: Permaculture - ΠΕΡΜΑΚΟΥΛΤΟΥΡΑ(Μόνιμη Καλλιέργεια)

LIVE SUSTAINABLY - ζήσε βιώσιμα: Permaculture - ΠΕΡΜΑΚΟΥΛΤΟΥΡΑ(Μόνιμη Καλλιέργεια)

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Permaculture Tools; Small Serrated Sickle (similar to a rice knife), via YouTube. Better instructions on how to use, clean and sharpen

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heart 1 Great site with lots of info for anyone interested in sustainable permaculture.

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C16th bee keeper, from martinatnewton

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How to clean up a contaminated wax foundation in your bee hives.

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I think that this is a summer project.

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How to Kill Wax Moths in Bee Hives

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Wax moths are destructive pests and a concern for the beekeeper. Prevention is the key to keeping your hives free from wax moths.

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Watch the first 21 days of a bee’s life in 60 seconds (video)

From egg to buzzing pollinator, a photographer captures the secret life of bees and it’s nothing short of a wonder.

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Anatomy of a Bee

Growth Stages of the Honey Bee ( Social Structure of the Honey Bee The worker bees are female bees who normally do not lay egss. ...

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As I was looking at a piece of leftover metal sheet from building the owl box I realized we could use it to build a solar wax melter. Bees make comb to store honey and polen and as "wombs" for new...

The Homestead Lady shares how to capture your own honey bee swarms ~

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Here's a Beekeeping video Rick made about how to make a DIY solar honeybee wax melter out of stuff you have in your garage More beekeeping : Our beekeeping 101 videos document our experiences keeping honeybees. We are not experts, but learn as we go.

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Bee Hive 100% Cotton Flour Sack Dish Towel Tea Towel

Bees add charm to every kitchen and country style home. Discover our huge collection of dish towels for every decor, season and holiday.

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Cleaning beeswax

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La vie de l'abeille

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AG Adriano Goldschmied Men’s The Nomad Modern Slim Fit Jean, Years Salt Beach, 31×34

solar wax melter plans

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