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Οι παίκτες του ποδο-βόλεϊ επιδίδονται σε ακροβατικές φιγούρες κατά τη διάρκεια ενός αγώνα του αθλήματος στη Ραγκούν της Μιανμάρ.

Great workout for volleyball players!

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A volleyball player's workout! Do this over a one day period 5 days a week. School ball here I come!!

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Logan Tom when she played for Stanford. She is a now a pro volleyball player. One of my top 3 vball loves.

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Bringing the Heat - How to Hit a Volleyball Harder

I love hitting I wish I could do it every day the rush you get when you get a…

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Best Reactions To Flappy Bird's End!

What happens when a volleyball drops in front of someone and you see it

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True I remember my first time watching volleyball. "They are going to pull her out right that was a pretty bad fall!" Tv: and an AMAZING hustle by so-so

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A true volleyball player will always try to get in the game no matter what...I remember very clearly trying to hide from my coach that I had had a huge episode day before practice and ended up in the hospital...still played but coach found out as we were wrapping up...never have I seen her so upset and amazed at the same time!

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You know your a volleyball player if you said it with the rhythm

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you know your a volleyball player when - never try to pass a basketball....IT HURTS SOOOOO FREAKING BAD

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volleyball memes - Google Search

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Especially a hitter's

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My 12 year old nephew said he is "almost a professional" after a few games in gym class. This is the look on his face after seeing a college game on tv. "That's not how our game looked!"

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This volleyball drill should be completed in sets of 30 to 45 seconds or 45 seconds to a minute depending on the volleyball player’s level of fitness. Each time volleyball players raise the leg it should be held up for a 3 to 4 second count before alternating.

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Volleyball: I don't make sandwiches ... I make pancakes

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You know your a volleyball player when you think getting hit in the face is funny... Yeah basically;)

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you know when you're a volleyball player when... This happened to me during my volleyball season at school #thanks_reagan haha

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Bump it, Set it, Kill it, Dig it - Volleyball Sign // Perfect gift for the volleyball player // 12"x16" wood sign // made to order

Bump it, Set it, Kill it, Dig it - Volleyball Sign // Perfect gift for the volleyball player // 12"x16" wood sign // made to order!

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you know your a volleyball player when - Bing Images

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Having trouble getting off the ground or not getting the hang time you need to get past the blockers? Then this is the workout for you. Working on explosive vertical and lateral leg movement and trunk stability and rotation to help you control your...

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