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I hate it when people think the steoreotypical ballerina is about pink tutus and tights!!! It's more than that people, alot more.

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We are our worst critic: ≈≈★★★≈≈ P.S.: ARE YOU (or your friend) A BALLET DANCER? Look at this ballet CUSTOM NAME SHIRTS and brand them with your name. Great discounts available:

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I hate how people underestimate friend is in ballet and she is one of the strongest, most enduring people I know.

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So true!! Then you're all sad after!

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It's possible.. I know #dancer #problems

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Dancer problems. It's harder than you think.. Also problem in an almost empty hallway at school. And at Vons when its late. Ive got so many stares from customers as i jete down the aisles. ❤ #whatswrongwithit #imadancer

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I think I speak for all dancers when I say this to the 90%: Yeah everyone did, IDC

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Yep! And my teacher is always making us do like cardio stuff and I'm like 'it's not physical education!!!'

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Like every day.. Unfortunately bad hair days too lol...

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It's more like when no one remembers the combos in ballet

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