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lol calum<<Sure, but I mean, we all know Calum would open up his jacket and let you put your arms into it while he hold you and whispers into your ear that he loves you I'm making myself cry OK BYE.

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5 Seconds of Summer preferences pajamas - Google Search

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Puppy he buys you. 5SOS preferences

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alexia loves 5sos.,. on

I dedicate this board to you, the one who never see the truth... <3

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Muke!!! I didn't ship them but hell!!!#@?@!#?:

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Yes || ☠ ♡ dιə wιтн мəмorιəѕ noт drəaмѕ☠ ♡ <<Why do people but quotes and lyrics in weird fonts on a post that's supposed to be funny?

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5sos Preference #1 Your bedroom I really like Ashton's and Luke's

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I'm literally going to just start putting in random numbers and calling haha

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