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Bath time

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The Romans constructed aqueducts to bring a constant flow of water from distant sources into cities and towns, supplying public baths, latrines, fountains and private households. Waste water was removed by the sewage systems and released into nearby bodies of water, keeping the towns clean and free from noxious waste. Some aqueducts also served water for mining, processing, manufacturing, and agriculture.

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The Celtic world was pretty much everything just north of the Danube was eastern Germanic in ancient times and north of the Danube in Romania there were Dacians who spoke Daco-Thracian languages (neither Celtic nor Germanic):

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Instagram media thecreepycavalier - #Repost @cavalierkingdom ・・・ The Achilles heel of all creepy cavaliers. Sleep.

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cross-section of an amphitheater

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Byzantine cataphract, 9th-10th cent. A.D. Eastern Roman Empire.

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Οι Ρωμαίοι το αποκαλούσαν και «ΦΑΡΜΑΚΟ ΤΟΥ ΦΤΩΧΟΥ» – Δείτε την πάμφηθη τροφή που ΚΑΘΑΡΙΖΕΙ το έντερο

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel SLIPPERS!! My friend Julie got me these slippers! I love them!

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Keltic united

Celtic Europe 1850 BC- AD 400 1850 BC: Celto-Ligurian culture 1600 BC: Bronze work 1200 BC: Urnfield Celts 600 BC: Iron work 390 BC: Celts sack Rome and enter history as "Gauls." 44 BC: A Roman army under Julius Caesar conquers Gaul.

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avars siege of constantinople 626 ad

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