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Τα google glasses πλασάρονται από τη google ως augmented reality (αυξημένης πραγματικότητας) συσκευή, καθώς πρόκειται για το πρώτο πολυλειτουργικό μηχάνημα που φοριέται κανονικά. Μέσω του βραχίονά τους, ο χρήστης δίνει εντολές την ώρα που αυτές πραγματοποιούνται μπροστά στα μάτια του. Read more: Follow us: @Rizopoulos Post on Twitter | RizopoulosPost on Facebook #google #technology #hack

Finger Reader Wearable Text Reading Device from Fluid Interfaces | Definitely still room for improvement, but very cool prototype! #disability

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Smart Contact Lenses

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Mesa de dibujo multifuncional. Por: Michael Powers

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Dell Froot Concept Design

Industrial designer, Pauline Carlos, has come up with a rather interesting design for a Dell sustainable design contest. The Froot, as it’s called, will do away with your traditional monitor as well as USB keyboard.

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18 of the coolest keyboards ever made

Cleartouch Multi-Touch Keyboard & Trackpad by TransluSense

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Coolest Latest News - Newspaper of the future Nowadays people try to find alternatives to using paper and they come up with interesting solutions. We already saw the eRoll in this article and tablets like iPad are made in a lot of variations today but Seon-Keun Park and Byung-Min Woo came with a different idea. #thatseasier #future #news

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A suitcase that follows its owner through Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone...

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Honda moves into robotic lawnmower market with Miimo

You're probably familiar with Asimo, Honda's humanoid robot, but you might not be aware of the company's expansive range of lawnmowers. Today the two come together at last with the announcement of....

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iDial iPhone Retro

iDial iPhone Retro - love this!

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Dear Santa... In 2020 i want a pair of Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

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We have a lot of old cassettes so this would be useful to play them!

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Eaily find your car in any parking lot - GPS Homing Device

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Bluetooth Headset

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Silver Finish Left-handled Fingerprint Door Lock by iTouchless

Silver Finish Left-handled Fingerprint Door Lock | Shopping - Great Deals on iTouchless Deadbolts

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Beautiful design.

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