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Autism Classroom, Set Up Your Classroom

Autism Classroom, Set Up Your Classroom. This is a bundle of resources from my store that will be great to help you set up your new autism classroom or just to update it. Each resources comes with instructions so you are able to implement them and use them in the best possible way in your classroom! We use these within our classroom every year and they work wonders with our students, so I am able to personally recommend you these resources ...

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TEACCH Task Boxes!

TEACCH Task Box ideas for a special education program or autism classroom

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Visual Support cards for Classroom Management

These support cards have been a life saver in my classroom management, student can ask for a break, help and understand when they need to wait and what comes next.

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Using Visuals in Special Education and Autism Classrooms

Using Visuals in Special Education and Autism Classrooms

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Portable Behavior System

Do you have a positive classroom behavior system that students are rocking in the classroom, but it's falling apart outside of the classroom? I did. Class Dojo has been a great tool in my Autism classroom, but it was falling apart at recess, lunch, and ma

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Why You Need to Be Utilizing Centers in Your Autism Classroom

Working in centers is an evidenced-based practice that is utilized in autism classrooms. Not only is it effective for our students, it can actually make your teaching more effective and your planning easier.

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Teaching Wait: The Wait Basket

My Wait Basket is one of my favorite tools in my Autism Classroom. This classroom idea helped me keep students hands busy while I tend to other classroom issues that arise throughout the day.

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Here's to Another Year: Autism Classroom Tour! (Teaching Special Thinkers)

Here's to Another Year: Autism Classroom Tour!

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Autism Classroom News: The Incredible 5-Point Scale: Review and Tools

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Simple Success Student Binder for Special Education

This binder has EVERYTHING your students needs to have a structured day in and out of the classroom. I love that they can carry it everywhere with them and has their token board and schedule! Love it for my autism classroom!

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