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Wild orca. Captivity kills. Stop the exploits of greedy entertainment businesses making millions on inbreeding, keeping orcas in small enclosures, drilling their teeth, separating families. Preserve our majestic oceans and sea life! Get the facts!

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J34 Doublestuf: Dec 1997 - Dec 2016 | Breach on, beautiful one | Photo by Hysazu Photography

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Photo of the Day

Picture of orcas hunting herring off the coast of Norway

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Orcinus orca More

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Also known as the killer whale, the ORCA is found throughout all the world’s oceans, and is believed to be the most widespread mammal species after humans. An intelligent and versatile predator, the orca shows a wide range of different hunting techniques. The orca is a social species, communicating using a variety of screams, clicks and whistles, as well as through physical behaviours such as breaching, slapping the flippers or tail, and ‘spyhopping’ (bringing the head out of the water).

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Les plus beaux couchers de soleil aux pays des glaces

Killer Whale rising - Amazing World - this is where they belong... in the wild!

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Random Inspiration 133

tumblr n4wh2piqhg1ttv2n2o1 500 Random Inspiration 133 | Architecture, Cars, Style Gear

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Have always been fascinated with killer whales

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J Pod has lost it's matriarch: J2 Granny has died. Rest in peace, you beautiful soul.

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