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This sure would have been helpful when I was going to RN school!!! Nursing Student School Supplies

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7 Items Every Nurse Should Have

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Οι φοιτητές της Νοσηλευτικής συλλέγουν τρόφιμα για τον Ερυθρό Σταυρό Σπάρτης: Ενισχύστε την προσπάθεια! | - Η ενημερωτική ιστοσελίδα της Λακωνίας, Νέα και ειδήσεις

nursing school with kids tips

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Hypoglycemia mnemonic: TIRED. Cold and Clammy, need some candy.

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How To Survive Nursing School: 10 Essential Tips

This article has some great tips for students entering nursing school... Going to need this in a couple of months!

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Useful information…

A nurse told me this is absolutely true. Weird to post on Pinterest, but I guess if it could help someone identify cancer early, it's worth it.

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Nursing Student School Supplies. Re-Pin to read before next semester. Don't forget to follow Scrub-ed on Twitter!!

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Nursing School: Must-Haves For Clinicals

Nursing School: Must-Haves For Clinicals — dlmjourney

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Study Tips for Nursing Students

Nursing school is tough. Nursing students are made responsible to memorize and understand so much material in so little time, but guess what? Before you know, you're mixing up signs/symptoms (s/s) between medical diagnoses. This is when you start making mistakes during exams. Every student usually develops their own study habits after the first or second exam, but I wanted to share how I studied throughout nursing school with the hopes that it may help you as well. Note: Some of the…

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