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Cute Animal Images To Sum Up What A Healthy Relationship Is Like

It's important to have the same goals and direction in life.

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Gallery and Photo Wall Inspiration Ideas

I have been dreaming of Gallery Walls for the past few days. I REALLY want to create one in our family room, so I have been looking for inspiration photos to help me decide the direction I would like to go with it. I am pretty excited to get going on this project!! Are you …

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Utoeya, 22nd of July 2011 “The time after felt quiet. I thought about it almost all the time. I thought about what had happened, and what could have happened if I had done this instead of that. After a while I had to force myself to think in other directions. Now I’m more aware of everything that isn’t fair in this world. What can we do to stop war? I think I have gotten better at relating to and empathizing with other people.” Alexander Sandberg (16)

Architect, designer, and photographer Jan Vranovsky is one of my favourite people to follow on Tumblr. On his blog, Parallel World, he captures Japan and other cities in East Asia in a very precise, perfectly alien, sorta way. Have a look … Continue reading →

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Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera

Garry Winogrand's image of a couple in New York in 1969. Photograph: Estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco/Gar...

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Winning photos in National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year

Winter Horseman by Anthony Lau, who said: 'The Winter in Inner Mongolia is very unforgivin...

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Various cloud formations might be one of the most beautiful and romantic sights in nature

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