This is so true it's sad.

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Hey peeps, the name is Caden Keegan I'm 17 years old and was put here after my parents were killed. I often stay in my room but if you get to know me I might be your friend. I also love music and art.

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I came to amity for him. His name is Joshua. He is extremely caring and I don't know what I would do without him. He is my only reason for living.

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(FC Brown haired boys&blue eyed) Hello. *smiles* i'm Jackson. Pleasure to meet you all. Jake is my little brother, and i'm 18 and single. Nuggie is also my best friend and like a sister to me. I love to draw, and i usually spend my time outside with Nuggie and Jake. I also love to take pictures and design things. Anyway, come and say hi?*smiles*

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cute boy and puppy :D I love boys who are kind to animals. It is incredibly attractive.

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Totally me when I made eye contact with a cute guy on the train

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there's really nothing cuter than a guy with a pet - except a super cute/handsome guy with a puppy. i mean, really?

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