Singable Compass for each Voice Type- lots of great vocal pedagogy info on this site.

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This usually happens to me with my sister...she doesn't think I'm singing the song wrong. She just wants me to sing the melody, not the alto. :)

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Ppppfffffftttttttt. I laughed at this too much. Choir advert guys we neeed to get the pro onto this. #choir

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Interesting how this one is closest to real life except I don't sing in the car very often.

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Warming Up a Middle School Choir - YouTube

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Πιερία: Οι συναυλίες ύμνος στην ελευθερία από τις χορωδίες...

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vocal exercise...we did this years ago in college, and I use it with my middle school group now.

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Arranging music: Tips from and a cappella arranger; This guide should get you started arranging music for your a cappella group if you have musical ideas but don't know how to put them down on paper. It's no substitute for really learning music theo...

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So La Mi: Teaching Elementary Music: Choir: how to care for your voice

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