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Greek quotes

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Στην πολιτική δεν υπάρχουν μόνιμες έχθρες και μόνιμες φιλίες.Οι φίλοι σου είναι ψεύτικοι,αλλά οι εχθροί σου αληθινοί. ΚΑΛΗΝΥΧΤΑ! ΚΑΛΟ ΞΗΜΕΡΩΜΑ! ΜΕ ΥΓΕΙΑ! ΣΑΣ ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ ΠΟΛΥ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΣΥΝΤΡΟΦΙΑ ΣΑΣ ΚΑΛΟΙ ΜΟΥ ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΙ!!!.

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How To Identify Fake Friends and Fake People Fair weather or good times only friends. Friends for their selfish benefits and interests...

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alone, bridge, burned, fake, friends

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I've seen this several times. I'm glad for my real friends

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I didn't lose a friend, I just realized I never had one. Fake friend quotes on

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I'd rather have 4 real friends, than 100 fake friends. #MotivatedMindset

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Don’t worry, be happy

I had a broken pair you were just kind enough to make them work again

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Can't wait to hear what comes next!! Exciting!!! I always like to hear about myself. Helps me to piece together my life and really figure things out! Wow.

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Then they talk crap to ur best friend and wonder y ur not talking to them anymore...really?!! FTB's More

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