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thepsychmind: Fun Psychology facts here!

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I dreamt of you and I wish this were true! Ha ha a few times !! I have this promise from God that I'd know and well confusion is not of God Plain and simple

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psych-facts: 75% of the people see things in their dreams and then later in life see the exact same thing and freak out for a couple seconds. What do your dreams mean?

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thepsychmind:Fun Psychology facts here! Fun Psychology facts...

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Psychology facts here!

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psychological fact....hmmmm?? I cant stand to be hot when I sleep, so where does that leave me? :-/

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~~pinned from site directly~~ . . . I HAVE FOR SURE. Fun Psychology facts here!

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This has happened before! Like, it doesn't always happen, but I have had moments where I think "Wait... Deja Vu!" And then I think about when it was, until I finally remember that it was a dream the first time!

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30 Psychological Facts You Did Not Know | Feminiya

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