Alicia Silverstone. Cher in Clueless.

In the after the success of the movie Clueless, the checkered skirts pale become very popular! Love Cher but still not in love with the fur cuffs

do you remember  90's | ... light - all you need when dancing around your room to SL2 and similar

Guilty as charged: I had both a lava lamp & rotating color lamp in my bedroom.

Los clips de cabello en forma de mariposas era el accesorio perfecto en los 90.

Beauty Nostalgia: Who remembers butterfly clips? I wore those butterfly clips when I was little.

Embarrassing 90s Clothes You Used to Rock

Embarrassing '90s Clothes You Used to Rock

25 years ago today a video game legend was released in Japan. Happy birthday Game Boy

25 years ago today a video game legend was released in Japan. Happy birthday Game Boy

Nintendo Game Boy - The ORIGINAL version. Ah, hours of playing Tetris, Boxcel, and The Little Mermaid. And borrowing Super Mario Brother's Six Golden Coins from the neighbors! So much fun! Still got it dont think it works. My gameboy pocket works though

90s makeup and hair | 90s hair | Tumblr...I love her makeup

drew barrymore 90 s edition via they got style drew barrymore . drew barrymore is my absolute girl crush love her!

Bananas in pajamas. Lol. I remember this.

Nooo one ever remembers bananas in pajamas when I bring it up! What did the Bananas in Pajamas wear to bed?

Perfectly stacking your Disney VHS tapes into a magnificent tower. | 21 Little Satisfying Things Every '90s Kid Did

21 Little Satisfying Things Every '90s Kid Did

33 sounds kids will remember (SO many good ones!) The sound that plastic VHS tape boxes made when you opened them. especially for the first time.

body glitter #90s

Reasons Body Glitter Was The Best Accessory: Dab some on and it's the again". I think I had them all at some point. I absolutely loved body glitter when I was a kid.

Our Favourite Gadgets From The 1990s | Business Insider Who didn't have a SONY Discman? Skipped all the time, but we loved it (how did we ever live without the ipod!!)

Sony Discman cd player, this is a picture of the exact first CD player I ever had.