Allie DeBerry Has A “Paisley Moment” November 14, 2012

Allie DeBerry Has A “Paisley Moment” November 14, 2012

(Amber, 18) I'm obsessed with baking & I love cats. I want to be a marine biologist or a architect when I'm older. I love to be on the big screen and I couldn't live without Starbucks.

Name: Ruby Jackson Age 16 Birthday: July 12 Height Weight: 110 Hair: blonde Eyes:blue Family:dad-William brother-Marcus and sister-Mia Dream career: Fashion Designer Grades: all A's Hobbies: reading,drawing, running, swimming and playing soccer

Allie DeBerry Curly-Haired Gorgeous January 19, 2013

Allie DeBerry Curly-Haired Gorgeous January 19, 2013

( 2016 ) ☞ HOT CELEBRITY WOMAN ★ ALEXANDRIA DeBERRY IN A MINISKIRT AND HIGH HEELS ) ★ Alexandra Danielle DeBerry - Wednesday, October 26, 1994 - 5' 5" - Houston, Texas, USA.

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Hi I am Allie. I am a beta. I love to cheer. I am against the whole sneaking thing but you just can't keep me away from that world. I have been going there for so long I'm a model and a actor.  I love to try to look my best. That's right me and chad are related we are cousins.  I guess good looks run in the family. I am 19 and rady to party. I am single and looking for someone. I love to do gymnastics and go to cheer pageants. Peace out girl scout

Alexandria Deberry - omg that hair that's totally all hers but who cares it's beautiful

58.Allie DeBerry As Laura Aka The Only Daughter To Laurette Aka Neice To Claudette And Paulette And Cousin To Claudia And Paula

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Allie Deberry i want her hair!!

Alexandria "Allie" DeBerry (born October is an American teen actress. DeBerry has.