Amanda Todd - I am beautiful(most beautiful singing ever). A few months after this video she killed herself. Pin= respect.

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Amanda Todd Still Being Bullied Days After Her Suicide with Hateful Messages and Images being Posted to her Facebook memorial pages.

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Amanda u were a cute young girl and before i ment cassie and Ashley u was mine first daughter and friend i ever had so rip sorry thai was not there for u but very soon i would be seeing u in heaven cause that is where u belong in heaven love u amanda todd

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RIP Amanda Todd ♥ even if you dont know who this is repin this she killed her self bc of bullying and cyberbullying

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Stop the Bullying. Amanda Todd, dead at age 15, suffered at the hands of bullies who stalked her and harassed her. This behaviour must be stamped out...

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R.I.P. Amanda Todd Stop bulling!!

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Amanda Todd and how her suicide has affected many children and teenagers around the world. Cyberbullying may cause harm, depression, cutting and sometimes suicide.

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Prayers go out to the Todd family...Ending the stigma of suicide one post at a time. #HAVEHOPE #HELPKEEPTHEBEAT #BEATKEEPERSUNITE

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Amanda Todd is a beautiful girl and needs more acknowledgment. The schools should teach about her so the bullying will die down, instead of the students.

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People need to think before they speak. What if you were bullied into suicide? it unfortunately can happen to anyone

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