Amber Ogunsola (@amberfola)

Amber Ogunsola (@amberfola)

Amber: the fossilised resin has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with perfumery. What is #amber in #perfumes? The answer is on   Link:

When a tiger dies, its spirit penetrates the earth and becomes amber. Amber is called "hu-p'o", the soul of the tiger.

I, like, really want this HONEY Pendant... When I'm rolling in it, maybe I'll remember to get this.  - Bronze + Chiapas Amber | Onetribe

HONEY pendants are now available on the site! Made from bronze/brass with beautiful hand-carved million year old Chiapas amber hexagon inlays.I have just a handful of them cast at the moment, and each will be made to suit with your choice of amber colo

Hemmerle--amber - ebony - white gold - copper 2014

Hemmerle Baltic Sea amber, dark ebony wood and copper bracelet. Stefan Hemmerle bought the unusual piece of Baltic Sea amber, formed around 30 million years ago, at last year’s Masterpiece.

Ammonite by Tommaso Iadicicco -   UnusualFocus, via Flickr

Ammonites went extinct with Dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Ammonites survived until the end of the Cretaceous period in a sea that covered what is now Alberta. These ammonites were transformed into the rare gem known as Ammolite.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Small Baltic Amber ring in sterling silver by hannahnaomi on Etsy,