OMG!!! I so would!! I want to help animals and people.. Ya'll can have that Ferrari and designer brand nonsense!! I want to make a difference and help! I wouldn't even buy a Corvette.. That's money I can do better things with☺️

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Everyone is like "If I was rich I'd buy designer clothes and diamonds" and I'm over here like "I'd buy a sanctuary and rescue animals." Exactly me!

I helped saved a few lives and will continue to save as many lives as I can throughout my life! <3

I volunteer for an animal rights group, called the Beagle Freedom Project and we rescue retired animal test subjects. So yes, I was made to save animals.

"How to Start and Run a Rescue" by Jennifer Williams gives the animal lovers the information needed to start and run an animal rescue.

How to Start and Run a Rescue

How to Start and Run a Rescue: Practical Advice on Set up, Promotion, Rescue, and Placement

May is animal abuse awareness month. There is nothing more innocent than animals & children. You can rate a person's character on how they treat them.

May is animal abuse awareness month. There is nothing more innocent than animals & children. Speak up against animal abuse.

How to Start an Animal Rescue

Here's What You Need to Know to Learn How to Start an Animal Rescue

Starting an animal rescue or no-kill shelter can be a challenging and rewarding endeavor. Learn more about everything required to run your own rescue.

Some people don't understand why I help animals in need. I don't understand why they wonder ...

Rescue Quote (when people get that holy crap you are telling me you have 11 cats in your house right now permanent residents)

How to Start an Animal Rescue, Sanctuary or Shelter Workshop | Best Friends Animal Society

Thinking about starting your own dog or cat rescue, animal shelter or sanctuary? Register for the 'How to Start an Animal Sanctuary' workshop.

Do you have the supplies needed to help rescue stray cats, dogs, or other animals you may find? Check out PETA's DIY Rescue Kit to find out what you need to save lives

How to Make Your Own Animal Rescue Kit

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