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22 Dank Anime Memes You'd Probably Send To Your Friends

Anime memes are how people of the Internet communicate. Anime delivers a steady stream of memes that are useful for every interaction. Rejoice, my brethren

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Es Que soy tan sexy que se derrite el chocolate en mis dedos XD

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It is currently 12:55 and I have finished re-watching Free, and Yuri on Ice, i want to go outside and be athletic and shout WHAT A LIFE

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Well god has Certainly evolved in these past generations

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Hahaha its the worst!! Sometimes it turns out to not even be an anime but a game!! A game! I die

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OMG this is soo true

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Umaru-chan!! Anime meme Ash Carter

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I actually have a hole in my wall this will totally work #anime

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Top 25 Anime Memes

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