Anne Taintor // you'll never forget to turn off the oven...if you never turn it on.

Anne Taintor - Mini Trays - you’ll never forget to turn off the oven… Donna Downey Studios Inc

Wanderer in a Strange Land: I love Anne Taintor

Anne Taintor- Domestically Disabled (my fav!) Now matter how successful I am I'll always want to be "Domestically Disabled"!

cats don't care if you're crazy

Anne Taintor Square Refrigerator Magnet - Cats Don't Care If You're Crazy Very strong magnet^Great for posting notes memos and photos on your fridge or other magnetic surface^Individually bagged and perfect for gift giving.

Anne Taintor - Love Not Camping Me, when I get back from camping.

so true. (And isn't Hunting just camping while shooting things? Meet me at the hotel when you are done with "your camping", shower, then come camp with me in a nice soft warm bed ❤️™)

anne taintor #retro #humor

To-Do's, the Ultimate Party Store Safe or Sorry Funny Cocktail Napkins by Anne Taintor

Anne Taintor - moderation

Who is the Moderation We Are Supposed to Be Drinking With Tray - Anne Taintor

retro bitch, anne taintor, she is rebel

retro bitch, anne taintor, she is rebel