9 Hacks You Need for Your Next Beach Trip - These nine tips and tricks will make your next day at the beach a total breeze.

14 Hacks That Will Change Your Next Beach Trip

23 Beach Hacks to Make the Summer a Blast - One Crazy House - Click the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

The unexpected bluefish tacos and a day at the beach :: Cannelle et Vanille

If you live near the water, you see little shorebirds all of the time.

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Going to the beach to the day makes me happy. It is unbelieveable how much fun you can have when spending a day at the beach. Sunset, so calming.

Let's take a walk down to the water.  I love to feel the sand on my toes after the heat of the day has lost its intensity.

I carry beautilful beaches with me because beaches are the places I go the most over the summer. Now, beaches are the only place that I go over the summer. Beaches are the places that my cousin and I bond the most.

A Day at the Beach •1 ounce coconut rum  •1/2 ounce amaretto  •4 ounces fresh orange juice  •1/2 ounce grenadine

A Day at the Beach

A Day At The Beach 1 ounce coconut rum, ounce Amaretto 4 ounces fresh orange juice, ounce grenadine. shake and put in glass with ice

Capela do Nosso Senhor da Pedra, Miramar, Vila Nova de Gaia - Church at the Beach in Miramar, Portugal

Portugal Travel Inspiration - Capela do Nosso Senhor da Pedra, Miramar, Vila Nova de Gaia ~ Church at the beach, Miramar, Portugal

♂ Fashion editorials photography woman with bright flowing gown at the beach

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"Bears at the Beach" summertime snack - Ingredients: Blue Jello, Jello Instant Custard – vanilla flavor, Gummy bears, Drink umbrellas, Glasses or clear plastic cups

"Bears at the Beach" summertime snack

Kids snack: Bears at the Beach - blue jello, vanilla pudding, gummy bears, & umbrella. add graham cracker crumbs on top of the pudding for a better sandy look!

Sunset Over a Deserted Beach-  I added this for the beautiful pic.  However, I'm sure the article is good, too!  Lol

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"Card Game at the Beach," August 28, 1943 Giclee Print by Alex Ross at AllPosters.com

"Card Game at the Beach," August 28, 1943

"Card Game at the Beach," Saturday Evening Post Cover, August 1943 Giclee Print beach art illustration