Here's to Another Year: Autism Classroom Tour!

Here's to Another Year: Autism Classroom Tour! (Teaching Special Thinkers)

There are a TON of pictures of her classroom on this site! Teaching Special Thinkers: Here's to Another Year: Autism Classroom Tour!

Autism Classroom News: The Incredible 5-Point Scale: Review and Tools

Have You Tried the 5-Point Scale for Behavior Regulation?

Cozy cove for children that want to be in their own space. Photo taken by Ray Chavez. Project created by Ray Chavez and children.

This visual choice board is a simple resource for your special education or inclusion classroom.  Perfect for students with autism.

Behavior Management: I Feel I Need Visual Aid File Folder for Special Education

This I Feel and I Need file folder visual aid is a simple resource to keep handy. Providing a student with a visual support may allow him to express his needs without having to find the words. Even verbal students can have trouble retrieving the words or

TEACCH Task Box ideas for a special education program or autism classroom

TEACCH Task Boxes!

Our interactive Math & Language Arts Workbooks provide independent work to your students & a HUGE help as you run through the unending list of to-do's at the start of the year! From #thautismhelper

Interactive Reading and Math Work Books

Many children (with & without autism) have misbehaviors that are used to get out of work. We look at escape behaviors & ways to respond on the blog! From #theautismhelper

Escape Behaviors

These visuals will be useful for helping students with behavior management goals. Students often need breaks to help them avoid frustration and behavior issues.

My Wait Basket is one of my favorite tools in my Autism Classroom. This classroom idea helped me keep students hands busy while I tend to other classroom issues that arise throughout the day.

Teaching Wait: The Wait Basket

Teaching students to wait can be the thing that nightmares are made of. Create your own Wait Basket to train students to engage in appropriate activities when you need to quickly step away from small group instruction.

How to set up a task box system for any special education class.  Great for any TEACCH program

TEACCH Task Boxes!

Morning meeting routine in a special education classroom or autism program

Morning Greeting Visuals

Morning meeting routine in a special education classroom or autism program - Tap the link to shop on our official online store! You can also join our affiliate and/or rewards programs for FREE!