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the13thchair:  From “The Marching Band Nerds Handbook” Thanks for posting!

In marching band the trumpets were going crazy when they were aloud to sneak up on people to play a part of the song increadables

@Molly Simon Clark♪ - remember how mad the MCS teachers got?  My band teacher still gets annoyed, but we hardly ever do this.

band and orchestra problem: people who feel they need to play 10 more measures after the conductor cuts them off I HATE THIS!

Oh my God all the time. When I was walking to the stadium to meet some friends who were working the competition we were hosting I walked in step about a mile to the song playing at the stadium which I could hear a mile away

I'm always in step to whatever song is playing, people next to me that are fellow band geeks and people who are just randomly next to me, or the song playing inside my head.

Marching Band Season <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 No one well ever understand my love for band!

Marching Band Season Friday was the last time I got to perform with my school's marching band EVER! I love Marching Band & Guard soooo much! Definitely doing it in college or DCI!

haha only a band geek would get this<<<I've been playing piano for four years and understand it. Never been in band either. You hush.

haha only a band geek would get this<--- That comment annoys me. Band geeks think they are the only musicians out there when in reality there are a whole lot more. show choir, regular choir, orchestra, and even musical theatre performers.