Barbara Hepworth - Curved Form (Bryher II), Bronze, 1961

Lessons We Can Learn From Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth-works in a 'masculine' medium, work is similar to artist Brancusi

Barbara Hepworth-works in a 'masculine' medium, work is similar to artist Brancusi - abstraction creation

Dame Barbara Hepworth ‘Orpheus (Maquette 2) (Version II)’, 1956, edition 1959© Bowness, Hepworth Estate

Non-objective and Biomorphic Sculpture

Barbara Hepworth ‘Orpheus (Maquette (Version II)’, edition Bowness, Hepworth Estate Sculpture and string

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Barbara Hepworth - Pelagos, Elm wood with colour and strings, I chose this sculpture because I think it looks almost like a fruit peeling in the shape of it. I like the way it curls round on itself smoothly which gives it an elegant feel.

View of Barbara Hepworth's studio, now part of the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden

The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden offers a remarkable insight into the work and outlook of one of Britain’s most important twentieth century artists.

Stringed Figure (Curlew) (Version I),Sculpture Barbara Hepworth Sculptor , Artist Study for CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas @, Art School Portfolio Work

Stringed Figure (Curlew) (Version I), Brass with strings, 1956 (BH 225 A, edition of

Jeanette Winterson: d'œuvres de Barbara Hepworth épiques Changé le visage de la sculpture - Telegraph

Jeanette Winterson: Barbara Hepworth's epic works changed the face of sculpture

Barbara Hepworth in the Palais studio at work on the wood carving Hollow Form with White Interior 1963 Photograph: Val Wilmer

Barbara Hepworth Turning Form, 1957. See The Virtual Artist gallery:

Our work of the week is the drawing 'Turning Form' by Barbara Hepworth, currently only show in 'Horizons' at the Jerwood Gallery.