Batman arkham city

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Batman: Arkham City: Selina Kyle. Talia al'Ghul. Harleen Quinzel. Pamela Isley.

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My favourite pic - Batman and Harley Quinn - Arkham City

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Despite Batman being a comic book hero, this art seems to appear very realistic and gritty. The black and white with red reminds me of the film Sin City and creates a gritty, old and classic kind of mood. I feel slightly concerned for Batman but also scared as the dark spaces for his eyes alienate his character more than ever done before and it makes his actions unpredictable. While detail is not enormous, enough is done to create a memorable and effective art piece.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Video Game Art

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Penguin | Batman Arkham City. Probably the most beautiful video game creation I've ever seen. Hands down. No game has beat it yet.

Batman Arkham City - Mr. Freeze

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The Riddler // maybe if they make a Nightwing movie...he could be the villain....but not a Jim Carrey Riddler again...please...

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