Batman: Arkham Origins Exclusive High-Resolution Lady Shiva Concept Art

She was only referred to as "Shiva" in Batman: Arkham Origins unlike her comics character which was called "Lady Shiva".

I am vengeance. I am Batman. The knight in shadows, Batman no doubt uses barely-legal methods to bring down villains, often employing coercion and balancing the lives of innocents as more chess pieces than anything else. Unquestionably one of the more int

Deadshot : Arkham Origins.

This Joker concept art was created by conceptual illustrator, Wesley Burt for the video game Batman: Arkham Origins.

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Batman is the beacon of hope for Gotham City. He is the one they can rely on to keep them safe at night. He represents Order in this diseased city of crime.

Batman: Arkham Origins Killer Croc Statue

Batman: Arkham Origins Killer Croc Statue

Arkham asylum.

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