Oh no, my social life was already dead. BBC just shoved it on the ground, stepped on it and then poured a mountain of feels on it.

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There is not enough Doctor who and Merlin problems in this. Other then that totally accurate

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The BBC, ladies and gentlemen.<-- Am I the only one that thinks, if there is ever a special where this happens, that Peter NEEDS to play old Sherlock!? <--- Yes. But I would love the Doctor to meet Sherlock

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BBC: The official consumer of my free time. My only issue with this is that it should read "Doctor Who" not "Dr. Who."

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@Stephanie Close Close Santos @Carolyn Rafaelian Rafaelian Forbes @Danielle Lampert Lampert Woffard this makes me think of y'all

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BBC: Broke my heart and ruined my life. ESPECIALLY with the Merlin ending. I know that the Doctor will always love again, and that Sherlock would come back (I read the books) but I also knew Arthur was dead, forever, at the end of Merlin and OH GOD THE LAST TWO EPISODES WERE JUST SOBBING AND HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER. NOT COOL BBC NOT FUCKING COOL. GRR.

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Sherlock. Do yourself a favor and start watching this insanely good series. And be ready. Your life will never be the same. (On Netflix, bbc, masterpiece on pbs)

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See this Instagram photo by @river.stole.a.tardis • 445 likes

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...Hey, look. It's the most accurate description of BBC Sherlock ever...

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merlin is so depressing!!! But somehow fantastic at the same time

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